We are a London based Design and Development Agency that helps businesses build their dreams and visions through websites, apps and other digital products.

Website & Applications Development

We create websites and applications for businesses using modern frameworks, programming languages and development tools. We also help improve and fix existing code.

Data Processing & Analysis

We love data. We can help to extract data, process and analyse them and present in any form you like. Tables or charts in your website, application or email.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a process that allows your business to appear above others in search engine results. We can review and help with your website search optimisation.

Consultation & Assisting

We offer professional advice to various businesses such as Recruitment, Health and Wellbeing, e-Commerce and Mobile Gaming in building their websites and applications.


We use the latest and the most efficient tools, databases and patterns to accomplish website and application development projects.

Visual Studio Visual Studio Code Git SQL Server Microsoft Azure Platform Resharper NDepend Visual Studio Team Services MySQL
Object-Oriented Programming Dependency Injection Domain-Driven Design


Our team is fluent in the most widely used programming languages, frameworks and libraries used in the industry. We are constantly upgrading and learning new technologies and languages to meet the ever growing demand.

C# ASP.NET Core Entity Framework Core/6 SQL HTML5 CSS Angular JavaScript Web API JSON Knockout XML jQuery Bootstrap


We have an in depth knowledge and experience in the following APIs which are used across our projects.

Bullhorn SOAP and REST API Bullhorn SOAP and REST API Cloud Call / Synety API Cloud Call / Synety API Google Maps API Google Maps API Linkedin API Linkedin API


A brief list of our most current projects ranging from Business Critical Applications to Blogs, Mobile Apps and Games.

Twenty 360

Developing Analytics and Reporting Data Web App


Game Hub

Developing Game Management Platform Website


Jyoti Yoga

Design and Development for Blogging Website

Health and Wellbeing


Design and Development for iOS Game App


Upcoming - Fluffy's Planet

Design and Development for iOS and Android Game App


Upcoming - Wonder Balls

Design and Development for iOS and Android Game App


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